GM Script: Flickr Multi Group Sender – Now works with new photo page!

GM Script: Flickr Multi Group Sender - Now works with new photo page!

I wrote a Greasemonkey script called “Flickr Multi Group Sender“, that lets you send your flickr photos to multiple groups at once.

If you tick the checkbox titled “Save this group selection” the groups you have selected will be saved, and you will be able to quickly reselect them again the next time you use the script, using the secondary select box.

*UPDATE* 25-04-2008 Ive updated the script, fixing a few bugs, reinstall the script to get it working again. Also added a function that automatically saves your selection each time, even if you dont check the box. This lets you easily reselect your previous selection, in case you forgot to check the box.

*UPDATED* 28/5/2008 The script now works on all international versions of the site. New features include, group counter which displays how many groups you have selected, and groups that the image are already in appear faded out in the select box, and you cannot select them. Script also now works for sending videos to groups.

*UPDATED* 7/6/2008 I added a search box at the top, that lets you search your group list, to let you find matching groups quickly.

*UPDATED* 14/7/2010 Ive updated the script for the new photo page, remember this script is donationware, if you like it make a donation, cheers. Script is now compatible with Firefox, Chrome Safari and Opera.

TIP: Another way to find a group quickly, is to click inside the select box once with the mouse, then type the first few letters of the group name, the selector should automatically jump to the group you are looking for.

Get Flickr Multi Group Sender

This greasemonkey script and all my other GM scripts are available here:

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